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The fundamental objective of the Observatory EGOBS (Electronic Government Observatory) is the independent study of the characteristics of the activities of electronic Government. E Government is understood as the organizations and systems that are necessary to the Public Administrations to fulfill their obligations to citizens and companies with aid of the resources that facilitate the Information and Communication Technologies. The studies put special emphasis in the confirmation, by means of the study of concrete cases, if the activities are carried out with respect to the norms, procedures and principles picked up in the laws, included the right to the participation in these activities for citizens, companies and institutions and, especially, if it is satisfied the regulations on personal data protection and security of the electronic communications.
The activities of EGOBS begin from concrete projects proposed by the investigators that collaborate in the Observatory.

EGOBS is an initiative of the Network on Electronic Government coordinated from 2003 by the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and in whose activities participate the Universities of Burgos and Valladolid (Spain), the University of Münster (Germany) and the Queen's University of Belfast ( United Kingdon), for European part. The American members are the National University of la Plata (Argentina), the University Diego Portales of Santiago de Chile, the University of the Havana (Cuba) and the University of the Republic of Montevideo (Uruguay). The Association for the Promotion of the Technologies of the Information and the Electronic Trade (APTICE) collaborates to the activities of the Observatory. The Observatory is part of the Legal Framework for the Information Society (LEFIS).

From January 2009 the Observatory has personal infrastructure and material for the development of its activities in Ibero-Latin-America in the Federal University of Santa Catalina (Brazil). The portal is here


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